Sustainable solutions for a healthy and safe future

NOVA company specializes in creating innovative products for monitoring human health and safety. We help our partners and clients provide the best working conditions for their employees, as well as take care of their families’ health.


SAP company

SAP is a global leader in software development and related services.



SAP helps organizations of any size and specialization manage their business more efficiently in areas like support functions or the Board of Directors, a warehouse or a store, desktop or mobile applications.



IBS is a key technological partner inside of the Russian leader businesses and the state structure.


IBS solves problems in the field of strategic development of companies’ IT resources and rising its process efficiency, as well as provides services in the area of creating management systems, implementing business applications, designing and building IT infrastructure, data management and analytics, system integration, software development and unique custom solutions, information security and outsourcing.

Company Softline

Softline is a global leading provider of IT solutions and services, which works in European, American and Asian markets.

We help our clients to carry out the digital transformation of their business and protect them from cyber security threats. We offer comprehensive technological solutions, services on the cloud, software and hardware and a wide range of IT-services.


AO Veritas Rus Bureau (JSC)

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Bureau Veritas, founded in 1828, is a world leader in testing, inspection and certification. High quality services of Bureau Veritas helps customers meet the growing requirements for quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

Fellowes Russia

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Fellowes company was founded in 1917 in the USA and named after its founder, Harry Fellowes. This is a family business, currently headed by representatives of the fourth generation of the Fellowes family.


Fellowes is a leading global manufacturer of office products, in particular office equipment - shredders, laminators, bookbinding machines, and air purifiers.

AO Laser Systems (JSC)

Laser Systems company is a modern innovative enterprise active in the field of laser technologies and optoelectronic systems since 1998.

Laser Systems today is a team of highly qualified specialists, like-minded people with many years of experience in developing modern technologies and innovations, and production.

Group «POISK»

«POISK» Group successfully works already for 31 years and provides more than 40 types of various and distinctive services in the field of Health & Safety and Electrical Safety.

The holding is composed of several working divisions, among them: a training center, a center of excellence, a testing laboratory for measuring harmful and hazardous production factors as part of a special assessment of working conditions and production control, labor protection outsourcing, a fire audit department, an energy audit department, and an electrical measurement laboratory.


Company Alfatec has many years of experience, modern technology and the best team in the B2B market.


Alfatec offers unique comprehensive solutions in the field of occupational health around the world. We provide our clients quality products and professional support, we organize training on occupational Safety, we conduct comprehensive diagnostics and offer individual solutions that contribute not only to saving the companies resources but also creates safe working conditions.

Association  «National Global Compact Network»

The UN Global Compact (UN GC) is the largest international initiative in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development and the sole business program from UN that brings together more than 13 000 companies, financial and investment institutions as well as organizations from 170 countries.

Association of clinics in Occupational Medicine


The MPROFICO Association of Occupational Medicine Clinics helps multidisciplinary

institutions to solve problems related to maintaining the health of employees, optimizing the costs of organizing medical examinations, monitoring, tracking, merging data. Therefore, MPROFICO organizes medical examinations, issuance of personal medical records, vaccinations and psychiatric examinations for companies with different staffing level and remoteness branches.

LTD «MedKontrol Line»

The company group MedMap is the largest provider of integrated process automation solutions in the field of occupational safety for public and private companies. 


Taking into account the best world practices and advanced technologies, we have built a strong team of engineers, programmers and created an automated system for medical and technical examinations, which are characterized by 24/7 high capacity and uninterrupted operation.

LTD «VisorLabs»

VisorLabs is a young and innovative company specialized in providing solutions concerning artificial intelligence and computer vision. 


The product «VisorLabs Health & Safety» allows to deploy an automated system at your facilities that implements preventive measures for the employees to comply with the compliance of the safety protocols and prevents work-related injuries, as well as reduces the risk of accidents with anthropogenic consequences caused by personnel malfunctioning. «VisorLabs Health & Safety» allows you to organize the implementation on the protocols and requirements stated in Presidential Decree of the Russian Federation dated 05.06.2018 Nº 198 “On the Basics of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of industrial safety up to 2025 and further perspective” and in other regulatory acts.


МТS is the largest telecommunication operator and digital services provider.


MTS allows both increase the company’s effectiveness and improve working conditions by increasing the occupational safety level, optimizing the employees schedule.


The company enables business clients to undertake tasks and problems in a “one-stop” system, providing, along with communication services, converged IT solutions based on system integration, Internet of things (IoT), BigData, cloud services and cybersecurity systems. MTS is a leader in the intermachine connections segment (M2M) in Russia with largest market share in the number of IoTSIM cards; a 42% of share according to AC&M

Law Firm «YUST»

The Law Firm «YUST» was founded in 1992 and brought together the Russian advocacy leaders. Nowadays «YUST» is one of the oldest and more reliable law firms in Russia and CIS countries. Its specialists provide comprehensive legal services both in the B2B and B2C sector in Russia and Ukraine.

The wide network of international partners allows to competently solve its clients issues in many parts of the world. Clients of the company can always count on a consistent quality of services and a high level of professional responsibility. Their International recognition and trust of loyal customers are the indicators of the reputation of YUST lawyers. The leading Russian and world legal ratings of Pravo300, The Legal 500, ChambersGlobal and TheBestLawyers annually include YUST among the best law firms in Russia.


Navigine provides a B2B platform for developing services based on precise positioning and indoor tracking.


INTERS has been working in the market of information services since 2014. In this period of time INTERS has implemented more than 15 automation projects in large production companies from various industries in the field of: occupational safety, manufacturing, fire, electrical and transport safety, and environmental protection.

Высшая школа перевода (факультет) МГУ имени М.В. Ломоносова

В 250-летний юбилей МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова, отмечавшийся в 2005 году, приказом ректора в соответствии с решением Ученого совета создан новый факультет – Высшая школа перевода.Уже после первого выпуска студентов в 2010 г. по результатам международной экспертизы качества образования Высшая школа перевода МГУ входит в число 40 самых престижных институтов и факультетов подготовки переводчиков университетов мира, став членом Постоянного международного совета университетских институтов подготовки переводчиков (CIUTI), наряду со старейшими школами перевода Женевы, Парижа, Лондона, Вены, Брюсселя, Монтерея, Шанхая.

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