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INTERS has been working in the market of information services since 2014. In this period of time INTERS has implemented more than 15 automation projects in large production companies from various industries in the field of: occupational safety, manufacturing, fire, electrical and transport safety, and environmental protection.


INTERS is a partner of «1С» and has the status of 1C-filial «Solution development center».


INTERS, together with «1С» are the developers of the following solutions:


·      «1С: Operational Safety. Occupational Safety»

·      «1С: Operational Safety. Environmental Safety»

·      «1С: Operational Safety. Industrial Safety»

·      «1С: Operational Safety. Fire Safety»

·      «1С: Operational Safety. Comprehensive»


In 2017 the «1С: Operational Safety. Occupational Safety» solution was awarded as «Best 2017 1C product (according to users) ».


The company employees must have a professional preparation, skills and experience in implementing projects in companies from the following economic sectors: Fuel and energetic, gas, mining and metallurgy, construction and public sector institutions. The quality management system used by Inters LLC is confirmed by a certificate of compliance with the requirements of GOST R 54985-2018 (GOST R 9001: 2015).