Association of clinics in Occupational Medicine


The MPROFICO Association of Occupational Medicine Clinics helps multidisciplinary

institutions to solve problems related to maintaining the health of employees, optimizing the costs of organizing medical examinations, monitoring, tracking, merging data. Therefore, MPROFICO organizes medical examinations, issuance of personal medical records, vaccinations and psychiatric examinations for companies with different staffing level and remoteness branches.


Modern technologies, including our own mobile outpatient facilities, and a large network of partner clinics throughout Russia is what makes our project as popular and customer-oriented as possible.


At #RISCAMNET «MPROFICO» will share its successful experience in the implementation of his project “Medical Examinations across Russia”, which was successfully implemented in 64 regions. For the project it was developed a specific program that allows the employer to check the status of the examinations by employees, as well as the status of professional suitability online though a secure communication channel.


Currently, the program is already tracking over 100 thousand employees of various multidisciplinary organizations. The project “Medical Examinations across Russia” exists solely within the Russian legal framework, and meets the expectations of different levels of employers.

Alexandra Unizhaeva

Director of MPROFICO