Group «POISK»

«POISK» Group successfully works already for 31 years and provides more than 40 types of various and distinctive services in the field of Health & Safety and Electrical Safety.

The holding is composed of several working divisions, among them: a training center, a center of excellence, a testing laboratory for measuring harmful and hazardous production factors as part of a special assessment of working conditions and production control, labor protection outsourcing, a fire audit department, an energy audit department, and an electrical measurement laboratory.


«POISK» Group is composedof more than 130 workers. Along with a wonderful team of qualified teachers, the holding has highly professional employees who have an extensive and practical experience and are constantly improving their expertise and skills. Our organization has specialized and well equipped educational facilities, a printing house, several laboratories furnished with the most modern equipment to specially assess working conditions, production control and electro energy measurements.


The testing laboratory employs 16 certified experts. The training is available both on-site and distance. Our organization is distinguished by a serious approach to the fulfillment of all tasks, as well as reliability and guaranteed fulfillment of its obligations.


«POISK» Group is an active participant in the majority of thematic exhibitions and imparts free of cost seminars for state and commercial organizations. On our seminars we highlight the most relevant issues regarding technosphere security, to which in 2019 attended more than 3000 participants. «POISK» Group has a “hotline” where you can get advice on our business profile.


Nowadays, our services are used by companies of various industries operating not only in Moscow but throughout Russia. «POISK» Groupis a regular participant in the Russian week of labor protection in Sochi, where our employees provided advise to everyone interested in the field of Safety technosphere. We have been awarded with the certificate of the trusted employer.


The main purpose of «POISK» Group is to provide support and help to entrepreneurs who want to ensure safety at work!

Evgeny Matveev
«POISK» Group  CEO